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5' 3" and all mouth.

& i became the kind of girl my mother warned me about

one of those regular weird people.

enthusiastic | textbook taurus | goof |
music geek extraordinaire | contradiction |
practical idealist | lucky | queermo |
obsessive fangirl | pinko commie leftycrat
liberalista| grateful | nail-biting fidget |
country mouse | curly girl | sucker for a cute
smile | adores her horse | believer
of miracles | detests litter, disrespect
and rudeness | snuggly | loves her
family and friends | excessively wordy |
slow to anger and even slower to forgive |
late for everything | pursuer of happiness |
sporadic bookworm | addicted to Second Cup
coffee | watches my classic car the way
some people watch porn | bawdy, brassy,
ballsy broad | friendly with just a touch
of bitchy for authenticity | overuser
of pet names and the word anyways |
worships at First Church of Bette Midlerolatry

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